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Questions and answers on the services and regulations of Camping Classe Village in Lido di Dante (RA)

Do I need a Green Pass to enter the campsite?

Regarding any documentation about Covid-19 to enter the campsite, we follow the regulations in effect at the time of your stay.

Does Camping Classe Village follow regulations regarding hygiene and sanitation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection?

Camping follows all regulations in place in order to counter the spread of COVID-19. Accommodations are delivered clean and sanitized, and upon leaving you are asked to leave them in the same way you found them. All staff areas and all public places are properly sanitized, and we adhere to current regulations regarding interpersonal distance and the use of masks indoors or outdoors.

How can I reach the campsite?
By plane: Marconi Guglielmo Bologna Airport
Train: stop at Ravenna Station
Bus: Stop at Ravenna Station Line 40 (during school opening hours) and Line 4 (during summer). For bus timetables please refer to
Taxi: 15/20 minutes from Ravenna Station
GPS coordinates: N 44°23'5''E 12°18'57''
What do I need to do to enter the campsite?

All guests entering the campground are required to present a valid ID for legal registration. Each guest is required to check that the registration is correct, free of errors, and that all people in the household are registered. For younger children, who do not yet have ID, the health card may be presented. Minors are admitted only if accompanied by adults. All registered guests are obliged to wear the appropriate, non-transferable bracelet, given at the reception desk at the time of registration, during their entire stay at the campsite. You must also be in possession of a valid naturist card for the current year in order to gain access to the naturist area. If you do not have one, you can get it for a fee at the reception desk upon arrival.

How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made independently from our website, by sending an e-mail to or by calling 0544492005. The reservation will be confirmed only after the deposit of 30% of the stay has been received. The remaining balance will be made on the day of arrival, upon delivery of the keys to the mobile home or chalet. Late arrival or early departure will result in the payment of the entire booked period. Regarding cancellation policy please refer to the confirmed quote.As for pitches, we do not accept reservations and the balance of the stay will be paid on the day of departure, according to check out times. In past years we have always had tent or RV pitches available and have never had to turn anyone away. However, if you want to ensure the availability of this service, we recommend that you contact us. Once you arrive at the campsite and check in, Camping Classe gives you the opportunity to choose the pitch you prefer according to your needs, closer to the services or in a quieter area, in a sunnier or shadier area. During high season and crowded camping periods, you will be accompanied to your pitch by a member of our staff to facilitate the arrangements and avoid mishaps.

We are a group of minors, can we enter the campsite?

All guests entering the campsite are required to hand in a valid identity document for legal registration. Minors unaccompanied by their parents are permitted to enter the campsite by presenting a copy of at least one parent's ID and the parent's authorisation for their child to stay at the campsite. With this authorisation the parent declares himself or herself responsible for all the activities of the child, releasing the campsite and its employees from all liability. The authorisation must; also contain telephone numbers to be contacted in case of need. Please note that all registered guests are obliged to wear the special, non-transferable bracelet, handed in at reception on registration, throughout their entire stay at the campsite.

I will arrive at the campsite in the morning, will I already be able to access the mobile home/chalet?

Check in for mobile homes and chalets is scheduled to start from 2 p.m. However, we are very flexible with the arrival time and you can also show up at the campsite from 10:00 a.m., with the understanding that you may still have to wait for the keys to be handed over, generally a maximum of one hour after check in is completed. While waiting for the keys, all our guests can already use our facilities such as bar, restaurant, sports fields or swimming pool. Check out, with return of keys and collection of the deposit, is by 9:00 am on the day of departure.

What time can we access the pitches? And what is the check out time?

You can access the pitches from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. From 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. there period during which no vehicles are allowed to circulate within the campground and no tents can be set up. As for reservation, it is not necessary for pitches. During previous years we have always had availability; of pitches for tents or campers, without ever having to turn anyone away. However, if you want to ensure the availability of the pitches during the more crowded period, we recommend that you contact us. Once you arrive at the campsite and check in, Camping Classe gives you the opportunity to choose the pitch you prefer according to your needs, closer to the services or in a quieter area, in a sunnier or shadier area. During high season and crowded camping periods, you will be escorted to your pitch by a member of our staff to facilitate the arrangements and avoid mishaps. Check out is by noon on the day of departure, and the balance of your stay will be paid on the day of departure, according to the check out schedule.

How can day visits take place?

Day guests are welcome in after issuing their ID at the concierge on foot. The first hour of visitation is free,after which you can purchase a ticket at a daily rate per person that varies according to the current season price list. With this ticket you will have access to all campground facilities including the pools. In order to have access to the campsite for the day only, you must have a valid naturist card for the current year (if you do not have one, you can get one for a fee at the reception desk upon arrival). If you would like to attend one of our exclusive naturist evenings, you can purchase a ticket for the evening at the front desk, present your naturist card, and receive an ID bracelet that will allow you access to the FKK evening. Due to the Covid-19 emergency and the resulting restricted entry for off-site guests, during peak season we recommend that you contact us by phone to verify that you can actually access the campsite.

How can cars and motorcycles access the camping area?

Cars may enter the campground only if registered, with card displayed on the dashboard and parked within their own plots without occupying others' spaces. The movement of motor vehicles is strictly prohibited from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 11:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., Management reserves the right to make exceptions only in special cases. Inside the Campground, the maximum permitted speed of vehicles is 5 km/h. Vehicles occupying other people's spaces will be removed by tow truck and expenses will be charged to the customer without any notice. It is forbidden to wash vehicles inside the campsite. Management is not responsible for any theft or damage to cars and vehicles.

Pets, what are the services and how can I handle them? Can I bring my dog to the beach?

Pets in the Village are accepted with an extra charge of euro 5.00 per night. If allowed in the Village they can be free in the enclosure of the mobile home/chalet; while roaming the village they must be kept on a leash and ,if of a breed considered dangerous, must be provided with a muzzle as required by law. All animals staying at Camping Classe must have regular health and zooprophylaxis documentation. Pet owners must keep the environment in which their pats stay clean with their own dustpan and hygienic bags, which will then be disposed of in the appropriate containers. Owners are liable for any damage done to property and/or people. If the animal, at the owner's discretion, stays and sleeps inside the mobile home or chalet, it is the owner's responsibility to keep the structure clean. Any damage done to the structure will be assessed and reimbursed by the pet owner.Pets are not allowed in the following: swimming pool, children's playground (in the textile area) and supermarket (in the textile area). It is strictly forbidden to wash animals inside the campsite, especially in the public bathrooms available to "human" customers. Camping Classe has provided a pet shower in a specific area for those who need it, as well as a walking area for your four-legged friends. Upon request, more information can be obtained directly at the facility. As for the beach, 200 meters from the campsite you will find two (non-naturist) bathing establishments that dogs can enter: Bagno Classe and Bagno Passatore. About 600 meters from the campsite (5 minutes walk) you can also find an authorized beach (textile, non-naturist) for your 4-legged friends.

Other beach areas near us where dogs are accepted are within a 10-minute drive from the campsite are as follows:

  • Marina di Ravenna (RA): 80-meter stretch of beach, adjacent to the north side of the Ruvido bathing establishment.
  • Lido Adriano (RA): stretch of beach of about mt. 80, north of the Oasi bathing establishment.
Is there a regulation for pitches?

Some of the pitches are more shaded than others.You will decide independently which pitch you like best, with the exception of very high season periods. Pitches must be left clean and tidy by noon on the day of departure and kept in excellent decorum during your stay.There are also tents in the campground, since the pulling wires of the tents might pose a danger, especially at night, it is recommended to follow the lighted streets to go to the public toilets. Management is not responsible for anyone entering other people's pitches and tripping over such wires.

What should I bring with me in the mobile homes/chalets or on the pitch?

Mobile homes and chalets must be paid for upon arrival and vacated by 9 a.m. on the day of departure with return of the deposit paid upon arrival. Breakages or missing equipment in one's housing facility will be charged to the customer. Management reserves the right to perform technical inspections and maintenance within the facilities even in the absence of customers.

What should I bring with me in the mobile homes/chalets or on the pitch?

In the mobile homes and chalets you will find a kitchen equipped with pots, dishes, glasses, cutlery, basic utensils and a coffee moke. The kitchen does not have an oven or microwave oven as well as tablecloths and dishtowels and cleaning supplies (instead, tools such as broom, dustpan mop brush and bucket are provided). As for the bedrooms, pillows and blankets are provided for the cooler seasons, but you need to bring your own sheets and towels from home, which can alternatively be rented locally for a fee. If you will be staying with us in a pitch (i.e., in a camper or tent) and if you would like to use electricity, you will need to obtain an industrial electrical outlet and its cable and extension cord, so that you can connect to the electrical columns without difficulty. The pitches do not have direct water connection, but there is a Camper Service area where you can load and unload clear and dark water, free of charge for our guests and for a fee for outsiders. As for gas, the campground offers resale of 10 kg or 15 kg domestic gas cylinders.

Is there a period during which i should be quieter?

Silence must be scrupulously kept from 1 pm to 3 pm and from 11 pm to 7:30 am. Setting up and using equipment is also prohibited during the aforementioned hours. Please note, that the camp is a place of peace and relaxation and for the development of friendships. Therefore, campers are invited to respect, kindness to courtesy toward other campers regardless of whatever origin they may be. Musical evenings: entertainment and animation will be held exclusively in the designated areas within the campground and may continue beyond 11:00 p.m. until the time consented by legal permissions and the Management of Camping Classe Village. Any violation of this rule found by our designated operators will be reported to the Management, which reserves the right to take appropriate action against the offender. Either way the Management appeals to the cooperation, good manners and mutual respect of the campers and their guests in order to ensure the functionality of the village.

Are there any restrictions within the campground?

It is prohibited to fence or demarcate pitches, damage plants or equipment, build verandas or semi-fixed structures.

Are there architectural barriers that may hinder those with mobility impairments?

In the textile part of the Camping Classe Village there are mobile homes without architectural barriers, which therefore allow accommodating people with different needs. Such accommodations are wheelchair and mobility-impaired accessible, with comfortable spaces and equipped bathrooms. By staying in this type of accommodation in the textile part of the campsite, however, you will have the opportunity to freely enter the naturist area during the day or in the evening, unless you have a valid naturist card and are a couple or family. All communal toilets , in both areas of the village, are accessible to all, as are the convenience store, restaurant, bar, bazaar, entertainment area, and pool area.

How far is the beach? Can I reach it from the campsite?

The naturist beach is about 200/300 meters away and is of fine sand. It cannot be accessed directly from the naturist part of the campsite, but if you pass the gate that divides the naturist part from the textile part, you will find the path through the pine forest that leads you to the beach. This passage is available to all camping guests, so it is mandatory to cross it clothed. The beach in front of you is textile, continuing to the right there will be signs marking the naturist beach.

What time are the pools open?Do i need to wear a swimming cap?

The pools (one for adults and one for children) are accessible from 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., times when the lifeguard is present. For everyone's safety, diving and any play with beach balls or jostling are prohibited in the pool. Swimming caps are not required for access to the pools.

Are the sunbeds at the pool free or paid?

For campsite guests (both those staying overnight and those accessing the campsite with daily admission), the use of sunbeds at the pool is generally free. In order to promote peaceful coexistence and ensure that everyone can use the facilities, it is forbidden to keep the loungers occupied with towels or personal items when not in the pool area. Such behavior on the part of some guests has, in the past, forced the management to put the loungers at a fee, as per the price listed on the price list. We hope that we will not have to make this decision again.

Are there gluten-free or lactose-free and vegetarian products?

Our restaurants offer the possibility of variations from the menu. If you have any needs, intolerances and/or allergies, please let our staff responsible for service know right away. We do not offer certified cuisine for celiac disease. You will find products of all kinds at the market.

Are there any restrictions on the use of glassware?

It is strictly forbidden, both in the pool and on the playgrounds and recreational areas, to circulate with glasses, glass or sharp materials.

What should I do in case of damage or theft?

Everyone is responsible for their own belongings, Management assumes no responsibility under any circumstances, for any loss or theft or damage of valuables or items not handed over for safekeeping. Rental safes are available to customers inside the concierge desk, or small boxes in front of the reception desk and always accessible. Anything found should be turned over to Management so that Management can find and return what is found to the actual owner.

How does access to the toilets work?

The toilets are a common good so they must be kept clean at all times. In all toilet blocks there are several specially defined sinks so guests must respect the various symbols.

Are there any restrictions on games outside the designated areas?

Playing football, bowls, volleyball, basketball or sporting activities outside the designated areas is prohibited.

Children and responsibility

Children must be accompanied in the use of the various equipment and restrooms and supervised by their parents, Management disclaims any responsibility.

How does the animation and mini-club work?

Animation will be present on the campsite from the end of May/beginning of June to mid-September and includes daily and evening activities, with shows organised by our entertainment staff or by external groups who will entertain and amuse you with musical evenings, cabaret, circus shows and much more, designed for both adults and children. Younger children, from 4 years of age, can also attend our mini-club, with animators ready to make your children's holiday unforgettable. For timetables and various information you can refer to the information material directly on the campsite.

I have heard that there are naturalist beaches at Lido di Dante. I have children, what should I do?

No problem! Our campsite is divided into two parts: the 'textile' part and the 'naturist' part, but it is as if they were two separate and distinct campsites. To enter the naturist area you must make a special request and be in possession of a naturist card, as well as being in a couple or family. Like the campsite, the public beach is divided into 'textile' and 'naturist' beaches, the latter being marked by special signs. On arrival at the campsite, the reception staff will be happy to give you precise instructions on how to avoid the naturist beach if you wish, and provide you with all the necessary information about it. For us, the practice of naturism is synonymous with total closeness to nature and all-round relaxation. In fact, the naturist part of the campsite, like the textile part, is frequented by families with children, and the Management firmly and promptly condemns any type of behaviour that is not considered appropriate and carried out within the campsite.

Equipment and permits for use

No one is allowed to use or take campground equipment without Management's consent.

How is garbage disposal handled?

Ecological areas are set up throughout the campground for the separate collection of various garbage; guests are asked to use them accordingly.

Can the campground management expel those who do not comply with the regulations?

In order to ensure that the campground respects the needs of all guests, the Management may expel anyone who does not abide by the above rules, without any compensation. Management reserves the right to expel from the campground anyone who commits any type of behavior that is deemed inappropriate.

Is it possible to report behavior or vandalism to the management?

The Management accepts advice from everyone, and anyone who sees rules being broken is asked to notify the Management.

What can I find outside the campsite?

The main feature of our campsite is that it is surrounded by nature, just a stone's throw from the sea and the natural oasis of the Foce del Bevano. Lido di Dante, the town in which we are located, is a typical seaside village, in which you will find a few bars and restaurants, a few small stores (including camping equipment stores), a tobacconist, a dog walking area, and a small promenade. Two days a week the town hosts the town market, with typical products from our region, clothing, costume jewelry and handicrafts. Please see the Excursions section to discover the many activities we organize for our guests.

General Directions

The Campground is like a condominium, so all the rules of common coexistence apply; to be respected by others, we must first respect them ourselves; our freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. For anything not covered by the internal rules, the Civil Code applies.

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